The Kikonui Journey


Currently Kikonui pastoral goat central herd is run on the Arko family farm, where Werner Arnold and Christine Korner have run beef cattle and grazed dairy stock on their 700 acre hill property since 2007. In 2009 they started using goats to successfully control regrowth gorse and broom on cutover plantation forest land. This goat farming experience led them to breeding goats using Kikonui bucks and then their decision in 2015 to buy the business.

Garrick Batten of Caprinex Enterprises Ltd and Dave Salmon of Aquarius Charters Ltd had developed the Kikonui since 2007 to capitalise on earlier activity that started in 2003. They now have various roles in breeding, management and marketing support on an ongoing basis.

Kikonui pastoral goats begun in 2003 in New Zealand from a base of Kiko does mated to retained premier Kiko semen using previously successful population genetics policies and rigorous testing in the demanding commercial conditions of most New Zealand hill country.


Kikonui Buck

Kikonui means better than Kiko which is an established meat goat breed (Kikos = Kilos). Kiko meat goats were originally developed as a unique, superior goat solely by the Goatex Group Limited before sale for export to USA in 1994. Breeding there focused on parentage, rather than production in conditions they were developed for.

In over 6 years of extensive research at Tennessee State University, earlier Kikos proved superior to Boers for animal production, maternal and meat characteristics, under conditions similar to New Zealand hill country.

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