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New Zealand Sales

grow under the challenging conditions for which Kikonui pastoral goats are developed.
The Bucks are sold at the farm gate and freight is the buyer’s responsibility. Normal commercial payment conditions and terms of trade apply.

We stand behind our Kikonui Bucks. They are guaranteed for fertility and feet for one year. Each Bucks will have an exit drench.

Bucks can be located in the Nelson and Waikato Districts. We have limited supply of Bucks available, they can be a mix of colours are horned/polled and are from ages 18 months and upwards. Each Buck is priced separately as shown in the catalogue in the range of $250-$700 + GST. A discount could be available for multiple sales.

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International Sales

Live Kikonui pastoral goats, semen and embryos are can be available for export.
We have considerable experience from years of exporting live goats, embryos and semen, using the best animal exporting from New Zealand. However it is not the preferred option because of cost, practical handling problems and often severe quarantine and transport conditions that add to the costs. Naturally we do not export our best animals, so choice can be limited.

Therefore, we have been successfully been exporting frozen semen and embryos for many years.


Goat cervical insemination is a relatively straightforward and cheap way of accessing superior Kikonui pastoral goat genetics. With adequate storage conditions frozen semen is easily shipped and stored. Semen is supplied in 0.25cc straws and meets international quality standards.
Price varies with quantity and as well as the number and quality of Bucks.


Frozen embryos can be the best method of shipping Kikonui pastoral goat genetics. Only the best does are collected so as to be able to utilise any non-exported embryos for our central herd upgrade.
Many years of experience suggests “kids-on-the-ground” results from twin-implanted embryos at 50-70%. New Zealand professionals are known world-wide for goat embryo implant expertise and can be arranged if required. However, success also depends on planned and careful on-farm preparations for which advice is available.

Genetic mix and basic quarantine and collection costs influence price, so a minimum order of 100 embryos from one or several grouped buyers is normally required. Frozen embryos can be easily shipped and stored under adequate conditions.

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